Pear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean. It was once a British colony known as Ceylon. Just 29 kilometers) from the southeastern tip of India, the waterway separating Sri Lanka from India is called the Palk Strait. Because Sri Lanka is near the Equator, it has warm weather year-round. The southwest receives heavy rainfall. The rest of the island is much drier. The Sinhalese people make up nearly three-fourths of the population. They speak the Sinhala language and practice Buddhism & Tamils form the next-largest group they speak tamil language and follow hindu religion. In the late 1700s, the British took the island and Sri Lanka gained independence from Great Britain in 1948.
  • Name:- Sri Lanka
  • Location:- South Asia (Indian Ocean)
  • Capital:- Colombo
  • Currency:- Rupee
  • Currency Eq to Npr:- 1 Rupee = NRs 0.37
  • Population:- 22.1 Million ( 2021)
To visit Sri Lanka, I applied for an Electronic Single Entry Visa. The cost for this visa was 20 USD. With this visa, I was granted a duration of 1 month to explore the beautiful country. The application process was completed online and required me to submit my passport details. After submitting my application, I eagerly awaited the decision on my visa. Within 3 working days, I received the decision, allowing me to plan my trip to Sri Lanka with confidence. The electronic visa process, combined with the quick processing time, made obtaining a visa for Sri Lanka convenient and efficient.
  • Is it on arrival ?:- No
  • Is it possible to travel with schengen/ US Visa ?:- No
  • Is there an electronic visa possibility?:- Yes
  • Visa type:- Electronic, single entry
  • Cost for visa ?:- 20 USD
  • Visa duration:- 1 Month
  • Documents needed:-
  • Nearest Embassy:- Delhi
  • Website source:-
  • Further info:-

Note:- Visa and nearest embassy information are for Nepalese. I was travelling with Nepalese passport in this country. The link and information provided above for visa are based on my search and my experience to help the travellers. I won't be responsible if the link is broken or redirects to any other unofficial page at any span of time since this page may not be updated. You are advised to contact concerned authority for further details as the requirements may also differ for different travellers.
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