Qatar is a country that extends northwards from larger Arabian Peninsula, which gained its independence in 1971 AD. Qatar has one of the world’s largest reserves of petroleum and natural gas and employs large numbers of foreign workers in its production process. Most of Qatar’s area is flat, low-lying desert with sand dunes and salt flats being chief topographical features. Interestingly, there is no permanent bodies of fresh water. Soil, as to speak, is marked by a small degree of organic material and are generally calcareous and agriculturally unproductive.

  • Name:- Qatar
  • Location:- Middle east
  • Capital:- Doha
  • Currency:- Qatari Riyal
  • Currency Eq to Npr:- 1QAR = NRs 36.37
  • Population:- 2.7 Million (2021)

For my visit to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022, I obtained a Hayya visa. The unique aspect of this visa is that there was no cost associated with obtaining it.

The Hayya visa allowed me to stay in Qatar for the duration of the World Cup. Additionally, the visa could be extended for an additional year beyond the World Cup period. To apply for the Hayya visa, I needed to provide specific documents, including a World Cup ticket and a Hayya card. Having fulfilled the requirements, I was able to visit Qatar and immerse myself in the excitement of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

  • Is it on arrival ?:- No
  • Is it possible to travel with schengen/ US Visa ?:- No
  • Is there an electronic visa possibility?:- Yes (But I travelled in world cup visa)
  • Visa type:- Hayya visa
  • Cost for visa ?:- None
  • Visa duration:- Upto world cup time, extended 1 year more
  • Documents needed:- World cup ticket, hayya card
  • Nearest Embassy:- Kathmandu
  • Website source:-
  • Further info:-

Note:- Visa and nearest embassy information are for Nepalese. I was travelling with Nepalese passport in this country. The link and information provided above for visa are based on my search and my experience to help the travellers. I won't be responsible if the link is broken or redirects to any other unofficial page at any span of time since this page may not be updated. You are advised to contact concerned authority for further details as the requirements may also differ for different travellers.
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