On April 22, 2023, I took my first flight with Virgin Australia from Sydney to Vanuatu, arriving at the beautiful capital of Port Vila. I was immediately struck by the breathtaking natural beauty of the island, which boasts pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush tropical forests. The locals were incredibly friendly and hospitable, making me feel at home right away. During my trip, I had the opportunity to visit several popular tourist attractions, but couldn't reach the active volcano on Tanna Island. Unexpectedly, I also met Nepali people who worked in managerial roles at some of the top hotels and resorts on the island. Overall, my trip to Vanuatu was a memorable experience, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and beautiful travel destination.
  • Name:- The Republic of Vanuatu.
  • Location:- Located in the South Pacific Ocean.
  • Capital:- The capital city of Vanuatu is Port Vila.
  • Currency:- Vanuatu vatu (VUV).
  • Currency Eq to Npr:- 1 Vanuatu vatu (VUV) = 0.74 Nepalese rupees (NPR).
  • Population:- Aaround 307,000 people.

The visa application process I followed for Vanuatu involved applying online through the designated website and paying a fee of 69 AUD. After submitting my application, I received confirmation of my application within 3 business days. As part of the application process, I submitted my passport and a hotel reservation. The specific requirements and steps for visa applications to Vanuatu may vary based on the applicant's country of origin and other factors, but in general, the process may involve submitting an online application, providing supporting documentation such as a passport, travel itinerary, and proof of funds, and waiting for a response from the Vanuatu immigration authorities.

  • Is it on arrival ?:- No
  • Is it possible to travel with schengen/ US Visa ?:- No
  • Is there an electronic visa possibility?:- Yes
  • Visa type:- Tourist single entry visa
  • Cost for visa ?:- 69 AUD
  • Visa duration:- 120 Days
  • Documents needed:- I sent email to consulate in Canberra and sent documents as per their requirement and pay fee of 69 AUD
  • Nearest Embassy:- Delhi
  • Website source:- https://evisa.immigration.gov.vu/index.php/welcome
  • Further info:-

Note:- Visa and nearest embassy information are for Nepalese. I was travelling with Nepalese passport in this country. The link and information provided above for visa are based on my search and my experience to help the travellers. I won't be responsible if the link is broken or redirects to any other unofficial page at any span of time since this page may not be updated. You are advised to contact concerned authority for further details as the requirements may also differ for different travellers.
S.N Item Qty Cost Cost (Npr)
1 Cost of first flight: sydney to vanuatu 1 360 AUD 31564
2 Cost of return flight: vanuatu to brisbane 1 292 AUD 25601.91
3 Visa fee Vanuatu 1 69 AUD 6049.77
4 Cost of bus: airpot to market vanuatu 1 200 VATU 220.82
5 Cost of bus: market to hotel 1 150 VATU 165.62
6 Hotel cost: 2 nights 2 3000 VATU 331.23
7 Water bottle cost 1.5 ltr 1.5 ltr 150 VATU 165.615
8 Cost of cooked dinner in hotel 1 300 VATU 331.23
9 Cost of 2 water bottles 2 300 VATU 331.23
10 Cost of dinner cooked 1 230 VATU 253.94
11 Cost of bus from hotel to market 1 150 VATU 165.62
12 Cost of cucumber in market 1 200 VATU 220.82
13 Cost of 500 ml fiji water 500 ml 170 VATU 187.70
14 Cost of lunch 1 1000 VATU 1104.10
15 Cost of wooden Axe gift 1 500 VATU 552.05
16 Cost of Tymo biscuits 2 220 VATU 242.90
17 Cost of bus from market to airport 1 150 VATU 165.62
Bluepango Guest House
  • Hotel name:- Bluepango Guest House
  • Cost per night:- 1500 VATU
  • Speciality:- Amazing sea view
  • Contact:- Bluepango Hotel
  • Contact Person / organisation:-
  • Place:-
  • Contact Social media:-
  • Contact Embassy:-
  • Nearest embassy officer:-
  • Contact person:-
  • Contact number:-