Andorra, nestled in the eastern Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, is a small principality renowned for its picturesque landscapes and tax haven status. With an area of just 468 square kilometers, it boasts charming villages, rugged mountains, and ski resorts attracting tourists year-round. Andorra la Vella, its capital, is known for its duty-free shopping and Romanesque architecture. This tiny country offers a blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and unique cultural experiences.
  • Name:- Andorra
  • Location:- the Pyrenees mountain range between Spain and France.
  • Capital:- Andorra la Vella
  • Currency:- Euro
  • Currency Eq to Npr:- 142.86 Nepalese Rupee
  • Population:- 79,034 (2021)
Andorra does not offer visa on arrival; however, travelers can enter with a valid Schengen or US visa. There is no electronic visa option. The visitor visa costs $91 and allows stays up to 90 days. Required documents include a valid passport upon entry. The nearest embassy is the Nepal Embassy in Madrid, Spain. This straightforward process facilitates travel to Andorra for short-term visits, offering accessibility through existing Schengen or US visas.
  • Is it on arrival ?:- -No
  • Is it possible to travel with schengen/ US Visa ?:- Yes
  • Is there an electronic visa possibility?:- No
  • Visa type:- Visitor visa
  • Cost for visa ?:- 91 US dollars
  • Visa duration:- up to 90 days
  • Documents needed:- Travellers need a valid passport to enter Andorra. The traveller's passport must be valid when the traveller arrives in Andorra.
  • Nearest Embassy:- Nepal Embassy in Madrid, Spain
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Note:- Visa and nearest embassy information are for Nepalese. I was travelling with Nepalese passport in this country. The link and information provided above for visa are based on my search and my experience to help the travellers. I won't be responsible if the link is broken or redirects to any other unofficial page at any span of time since this page may not be updated. You are advised to contact concerned authority for further details as the requirements may also differ for different travellers.
S.N Item Qty Cost Cost (Npr)
1 Barcelona to Andorra 31.5 Euro
2 Hotel room 2 24 Euro
3 Water 4 0.65 Euro
4 Snack 1 3 Euro
5 Dinner 9 Euro
6 Andorra to El Pas de la Casa 2 4.8 Euro
7 Bus 2 1.9 Euro
8 Snack 1 12 Euro
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