Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America, with Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west. Offshore, the massive Belize Barrier Reef, dotted with hundreds of low-lying islands called cayes, hosts rich marine life. Belize’s jungle areas are home to Mayan ruins like Caracol, renowned for its towering pyramid; lagoon-side Lamanai; and Altun Ha, just outside Belize City.
  • Name:- Belize
  • Location:- Belize is located on the northeastern coast of Central America.
  • Capital:- Belmopan
  • Currency:- Belize Dollar
  • Currency Eq to Npr:- 1 Belize Dollar equals 65.72 Nepalese Rupee
  • Population:- approximately 416,656
  • Is it on arrival ?:- Yes, only you have schenzen or US visa
  • Is it possible to travel with schengen/ US Visa ?:- Yes
  • Is there an electronic visa possibility?:- No
  • Visa type:- Tourist visa
  • Cost for visa ?:- 325 USD
  • Visa duration:- 6 months
  • Documents needed:- If being sponsored : Application form, Passport, Flight Itinerary, Letter of Financial Support, Sponsor’s Identification, Proof of Kinship, Invitation Letter, Employment Letter, Banking Financials If Self Sponsored : Employment Letter, Banking Financials
  • Nearest Embassy:- India
  • Website source:-
  • Further info:- on

Note:- Visa and nearest embassy information are for Nepalese. I was travelling with Nepalese passport in this country. The link and information provided above for visa are based on my search and my experience to help the travellers. I won't be responsible if the link is broken or redirects to any other unofficial page at any span of time since this page may not be updated. You are advised to contact concerned authority for further details as the requirements may also differ for different travellers.
S.N Item Qty Cost Cost (Npr)
1 Chetumal to San Ignacio 1 29 BZD 1905.95 Npr
2 Hotel 1 25 BZD 1643.06 Npr
3 Dinner 1 15 BZD 985.84 Npr
4 Meal 1 5.75 BZD 377.90 Npr
5 Dinner 1 16 BZD 1051.56 Npr
6 Hostel 1 40 BZD 2628.90 Npr
7 Laundry 1 20 BZD 1314.45 Npr
8 Meal 1 16 BZD 1051.56 Npr
9 Taxi San Ignacio to Border 1 6 BZD 394.34 Npr
10 Exit fee Belize immigration 1 40 BZD 2628.90 Npr
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